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BREED: ________   COLOR DESCRIPTION: __________  BIRTH DATE: _______  SEX: _____

SIRE: _________________________________           DAM: ______________________________


The above described cat/kitten was sold on __________  for _________  plus shipping   

                                                                              (Date of Sale)      (Sale Price)


SPECIAL AGREEMENTS:__________________________________________________________

PURCHASER: ________________________________________________________________________________

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  1. This cat will be owned by and live with name of breeder/buyer and may be bred ONLY to DNA PKD negative cats that are registered to name of breeder/buyer and living in his/her home.  Any exceptions, such as stud service for trusted breeder friends, must be approved by Jocelyn in writing prior to the breeding. 

  2. Under no circumstances will this cat knowingly be bred to a PKD positive cat.  All cats bred to this cat must DNA PKD tested and certified as negative prior to breeding. 

  3. Under no circumstances will this cat/kitten be co-owned, leased, loaned, sold, or given to another breeder without Jocelynís written authorization

  4. Breeder will discuss with Jocelyn their wishes to place kittens from this cat into a breeding program (other than their own) and give the prospective breederís name, cattery name, and location.   NO kittens may be placed in catteries that are still breeding with PKD positive cats. And NO kittens may be placed in breeder homes where the cats are caged.

  5. If at any time the new owner no longer wishes to keep this cat in her breeding program, he will be offered back to Jocelyn at no cost.  If Jocelyn declines the offer, name of breeder/buyer will have him neutered and place him in a forever pet home.

  6. If name of breeder/buyer decides to show this kitten, Jocelyn will place no restrictions on where the kitten/cat may be shown.  There is NO guarantee as to how this kitten/cat will perform in the show rings with NO guarantee that he will achieve National, Regional, or Grand Champion status. 


1.    Seller operates a FeLV negative cattery and guarantees this cat/kitten is in good health, free of feline leukemia and all other major diseases to the best of the Sellerís knowledge at the time of sale. Seller offers a money back guarantee if the cat/kitten is returned within seventy-two (72) hours provided that the request to return is accompanied by a written veterinarian statement describing any illness.   Purchaser will be responsible for transportation expenses.

2.     Seller will provide proof that both parents of this kitten are DNA negative for PKD.

3.    Seller guarantees the cat/kitten is free of any hereditary malformations (genetic defects) to the best of the Sellerís knowledge at the time of sale.  In the event a fatal genetic defect is found in the cat/kitten, Seller agrees to replace the cat/kitten with another kitten of equal value when one becomes available. No money will be returned.  A copy of all medical tests outlining the defect or, in the case of death, a necropsy report with an explanation by the cat/kittenís attending veterinarian must be provided to the Seller prior to replacement cat/kitten being given to the Purchaser.  No medical costs are refunded.  Purchaser will be responsible for shipping expenses for the replacement kitten.

4.    Seller agrees to replace said cat/kitten with another if at the end of three years (if male)  or two years (if female) this cat/kitten has not produced one healthy kitten when bred at least five (5) times to at least 2, preferably 3 ďprovenĒ and healthy cats.  The Seller must receive in writing from a licensed veterinarian the diagnosis of infertility, along with written proof from the registering bodies that this cat/kitten has not produced any offspring.  This cat will be offered back to the Seller.  If Seller does not want the kitten/cat back, it will be neutered by  name of breeder/buyer. Upon proof of altering another kitten will be placed with the purchaser.


1.     Purchaser agrees to take cat/kitten to a licensed veterinarian for a health checkup within seventy-two (72) hours after taking possession of the kitten/cat so that there can be no question of the kittenís health at the time of sale.  Associated veterinarian fees are the responsibility of the Buyer. If the veterinarian finds the kitten/cat to be in unsatisfactory condition, it may be returned within one week to the breeder for full refund minus shipping expenses (shipping expenses will not be reimbursed).

2.     Purchaser will provide all necessary veterinarian care for this cat and will inform Seller of any health issues as they are encountered.

3.     Purchaser will always provide a clean litter pan, fresh water, quality food and suitable scratching posts. 

4.     This cat/kitten WILL NOT be caged for any extended period of time (and NEVER in a small cage).  If male must be confined, it must be in a large walk-in type cage and must receive some time out each day to run in a larger area. 

5.     If cat/kitten is found to be kept in an unsuitable environment or is poorly cared for, the Seller will reserve the right to request that the cat/kitten be unconditionally returned at no cost to the Seller with NO REFUND of purchase price.


In the case of a breach of contract, the Purchaser agrees to surrender this cat/kitten and its prodigy to the Seller at no cost to the Seller and to execute and pay for registration (TICA, CFA, ACFA, as appropriate) paperwork to transfer ownership back to the Seller. Purchaser shall be liable for all attorney and court fees. Any resultant court action shall take place in the state wherein Seller resides under applicable state laws.  This agreement shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties and any prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this agreement shall not be binding upon either party except to the extent incorporated in this agreement.  The unenforceability of  any clause in this agreement will not invalidate the entire agreement executed the _________ day of ______ 20__.



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